About Rep. Luanne Van Werven

Luanne Van Werven represents the 42nd Legislative District, which includes much of Whatcom County.

She was born and raised locally and is the fifth generation of her family to live, work and play in Whatcom County. Luanne and her husband Larry have four children and seven grandchildren.

After attending Bellevue College Luanne helped her husband Larry build their successful family business in Ferndale.

For most of her adult life Luanne has worked to encourage others, particularly women, to participate in the political and legislative process. She decided to run for state representative because her experience, service and leadership prepared her to be an effective legislator.

Whether she is in Olympia or Whatcom County, Luanne is working to address the needs of families and improve the livelihood of those residing in Whatcom County.

She believes in strong budget principles such as fiscal responsibility, sustainability and transparency in state government.

The rich and diverse higher education opportunities in Whatcom County have given Luanne a passion to work on higher education issues such as college affordability and accountability in the higher education system. The emphasis on workforce development will allow students who may not choose the path of a four-year institution the opportunity for a successful career.

Luanne is an advocate against job-killing taxes and needless regulations that negatively effective the business climate in Whatcom County and Washington state. She is also working to protect water and agriculture, two vital pieces of the Whatcom County’s economy.