House Republicans urge public to call Gov. Inslee for veto on sex education bill

Washington House Republicans are calling on Governor Jay Inslee to veto the controversial comprehensive sex education bill that passed the Legislature on Saturday. Senate Bill 5395, which passed on near party-line votes, mandates that every public school provide comprehensive sex education in all grades by the 2022-23 school year. John Sattgast reports from the state Capitol.

 Radio Report Transcript

SATTGAST: Thousands of parents from across the state have emailed and called state lawmakers expressing their concerns with the controversial mandate.

CALDIER: “It’s really sad when Democrats ignore a clear majority of parents who do not want this in their schools.”

SATTGAST: That’s Port Orchard Representative Michelle Caldier, who says students, teachers and administrators are also expressing concerns.

Under the controversial mandate, every public school must either select a curriculum from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction’s list or develop a curriculum with online review tools developed by the state agency.

House Republican Floor Leader Representative Jacquelin Maycumber from Republic. . .

MAYCUMBER: “So it’s saying a governmental bureaucracy knows more than you do at home, teaching children as young as age as kindergarten sex ed.”

SATTGAST: Last year, OSPI convened a Sexual Health Education Work Group which surveyed more than 10 thousand people. They were asked: “Should comprehensive, age-appropriate, medically accurate sexual health education be required for all students in grades K-12?” More than 58 percent said: “No.”

Lynden Representative Luanne Van Werven agrees with those on the survey.

VAN WERVEN: “We all share the same concern. This is just too much, too soon for our young students. And we need to let kids be kids.”

SATTGAST: One of the most vocal opponents, Vancouver Representative Vicki Kraft, says the bill could still be stopped if Governor Jay Inslee vetoes it. She and other members of the Washington House Republican Caucus are asking for the public’s help.

KRAFT: “Call the governor’s office at (360) 902-4111. Tell the governor to veto Senate Bill 5395 the comprehensive sex ed bill. Call now and tell the governor to stop that bill!!”

SATTGAST: The 2020 legislative session ends this Thursday, March 12. John Sattgast, Olympia.


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