Rep. Luanne Van Werven named lead on higher ed issues for House Republicans

Washington House Republicans have named Rep. Luanne Van Werven as their new ranking Republican on the House College and Workforce Development Committee, formerly the Higher Education Committee.

“Not only am I excited to be the lead on higher education issues for our caucus but for the 42nd District as well,” said Van Werven, R-Lynden. “I will be a strong voice for our students, institutions and the issues affecting them. It also allows me to continue my work on college affordability and accountability in the higher education system. The additional emphasis on workforce development allows us to focus on those students who may not continue on to a four-year institution, making sure we connect students with successful careers.”

As the ranking member, Van Werven will work closely with the chair on the committee agenda, and be the lead voice for the caucus on issues before the committee.

Van Werven also received a new committee appointment, the House Innovation, Technology, and Economic Development Committee and will continue to serve on the House Transportation Committee.

“Serving on the Transportation Committee gives me the opportunity to be involved in shaping our district’s transportation needs – traffic issues, fuel prices, car-tab fees and major infrastructure projects,” said Van Werven.

Van Werven started her third term on Monday. The 2019 legislative session is scheduled for 105 days.


Washington State House Republican Communications