Van Werven legislation to provide transparency on textbook and material costs for community and technical college students receives public hearing

A bill that would provide community and technical college students with the costs of required course materials during registration was heard by the House Higher Education Committee on Friday.
Rep. Luanne Van Werven introduced House Bill 2796 as part of a package of bills House Republicans are pushing to help reduce costs and add transparency to some of the expenses associated with higher education.

“Students need financial relief. This bill would allow them to know the full price of a course selection by knowing the textbook costs before they register,” said Van Werven, R-Lynden. “This transparency measure is a good start to making college more affordable to students. I have heard from many students who would like to see this bill become law.”

College students testified in favor of the bill during the public hearing.

The bill would require community and technical colleges to indicate the cost of any required textbook or other course material to students in the course description during the registration process.

“The focus on higher education across the country is about accessibility and affordability. Anything we can do to shed some light on the high cost of college textbooks while increasing access and flexibility to educational materials will benefit our higher education students,” said Van Werven.

The committee has until Feb. 5 to vote on the bill to keep it moving through the legislative process.


Washington State House Republican Communications