Rep. Luanne Van Werven announces committee assignments for 2017 legislative session

Rep. Luanne Van Werven, R-Lynden, will take on a new role on the House Higher Education Committee when the Legislature convenes on Jan. 9.

Van Werven has been named the assistant ranking Republican on the committee. The new position will allow her to be more involved in the committee agenda, assist the ranking Republican during public hearings and be one of the lead voices for the caucus on the Committee.

“I am very honored to serve as the assistant ranking Republican on this committee, especially with the rich and diverse higher-education opportunities in Whatcom County,” said Van Werven. “It gives me a stronger voice for our college communities and allows me to continue important work I started last term. The priorities I hope to concentrate on include, college affordability, degree completion, supplying a strategic and educated workforce for Washington employers and most importantly, empowering individuals to reach a level of self-sufficiency in order to achieve personal success.”

In addition to the House Higher Education Committee, Van Werven has also been appointed to the House Transportation Committee and the House Public Safety Committee.

“My public safety appointment falls in line with the work I am doing on the Task Force for Human Trafficking. In fact, I anticipate sponsoring legislation to strengthen anti-trafficking efforts to address this serious situation and provide needed support and services for victims.

“I also welcome the challenge of prioritizing the many infrastructure and transportation needs in Washington and Whatcom County to benefit our families, communities and economy. I feel my committee assignments are a great fit for our District,” said Van Werven.

Van Werven begins her second term in the Washington State House of Representatives when the Legislature convenes in January.

The 2017 session is scheduled for 105 days.

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