Rep. Van Werven’s bill to improve financial aid requirements for higher ed students receives public hearing

Legislation to improve Washington state’s financial aid credit formula at higher education institutions was heard by the House Higher Education Committee on Thursday.

House Bill 1955, introduced by Rep. Luanne Van Werven, would permit institutions of higher education to measure satisfactory academic progress annually for the purposes of state financial aid.

“This legislation would allow higher education students some flexibility in maintaining their academic schedules and still received financial aid,” said Van Werven, R-Lynden. “It also would create some efficiencies for the institutions as they work to balance the multiple forms of grants and financial aid available to students.”

Currently, there is no state statute for defining academic progress as it is done under the rulemaking authority of the Student Achievement Council. The current rules also measure academic progress on a term-by-term basis.

“My proposal is permissive, allowing higher education institutions some options when implementing a system that best fits their institution,”  said Van Werven. “The financial aid system and along with measuring the academic progress of students is complex, but I am hopeful this legislation is the beginning to put state, federal and agency rule-making on the same page.”

The House Higher Education Committee did not take action on House Bill 1955. Friday is the cutoff date for policy committees to vote bills out of their respective committees.

Rep. Van Werven testifies before the Higher Education Committee on HB 1955
PHOTO CAPTION: Rep. Luanne Van Werven testifies on House Bill 1955 before the House Higher Education Committee.

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